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How To Apply

How do I apply my regular nail decals?
Nail Apparel water-slide decals are so easy to apply.  Unlike 'stickers' they are micro-thin, conform to the curve of your nails and are created using high quality optimized images for sharp, clean and vivid colours. If you're trying Nail Apparel decals for the very first time ..no worries - many free samples are sent with your order. You can practice many times over before using your ordered designs! Free samples are sent with EVERY order, EVERY time.

You can apply your decals to bare nails but white/light base colours help to accent the decals and if using on bare nails using a thin clear basecoat will provide a good starting surface to ensure your designs lay nicely onto the nail.

Here are the steps to cool looking nails... 

Supplies Needed:

  • Small Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Small Container of Luke Warm Water
  • Paper Towel/Lint Free Wipes
  • Clear Top Coat

- Apply a base colour of your choice and let them dry completely | I recommend using white or a light coloured polish for best results
- Cut out the nail decal as close to the design as possible
- Soak the decal in the water for approx.30-45 seconds
- Remove your soaked decal from the water w/tweezers and slide off the backing by 'pinching' with your thumb & index finger
- Position your decal on nail *pattern side up* if you need to reposition simply add a drop of water
- When you're happy with the position of your design use paper towel or your lint free wipe to gently 'dab' excess water and push out any air bubbles or wrinkles *allow to dry"
- Paint at least 2 coats of clear lacquer on top to design to seal and protect. Allow to dry 

**You can also add a gel or shellac topcoat for a super shine and ultimate durability ** or decorate with some hand-painted artwork.. glitter..rhinestones ect...  Use your imagination ..Sit back ..and admire! 

High Quality, Chic nails without the price tag. Each pack contains more than enough decals AND in various sizes to fit your nails perfectly. Super high quality images with exceptional definition. They can be used on natural, false, acrylic, gel, shellac or stick-on nails.

Here's a great video tutorial on how to apply your decals:


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