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Standing Flamingo - Black


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  • Black Flamingo - NAIL DECALS
    What you see is exactly what you'll get So easy to apply ! Instructions: 1. Trim carefully and as close as you can around the image you'd like to apply to your nail -Have a small cup of water and a sponge or lint free wipe onhand. Tweezers can be very helpful as well - With a small brush dampen your nail with water lightly 2. Place in water for approx. 30 seconds and gently slide the decal onto your nail or use the tweezers to gently grasp the edge of decal, dab excess water onto paper towel and place onto your nail 3. Softly dab the remaining excess water off with a sponge or tissue * Be sure to press DOWN as to not damage or move your decal out of place * Get out all the bubbles & wrinkles 4. Allow nail to air dry completely The next step is up to you ! You can apply some of your own artwork ..glitter ..or just apply a nice clear topcoat. A clear GEL topcoat will seal that beautiful design in ..and will last for weeks! I would recommend at least 2 coats (regular polish) to protect your decals for a lasting finish If you'd like to watch my video on applying my decals find it on my FAQ page :)